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Grab Your Cleats

Grab Your Cleats Text

On behalf of our FCA team in Palm Beach County, we want to thankyou for your interest in partnering with us to invest in students’ liveswithin our community. Ministry on campus is a unique experienceand requires a great deal of attention for a healthy program to growand have lasting impact. We aim to provide access to the campusesfor you and your leadership team to reach the students where theyare.

Adopting a campus can be rewarding in many ways but will comewith a need for intentional effort and a high level of responsibility.Our desire is to find churches that will commit to the process andtake ownership of the program. We trust that in partnering with FCA,the students that do not currently attend church will have theopportunity to attend with you. Our goal is to bridge the gapbetween the church and school because we believe there should beno separation!

Thank you for your interest and continued support. Please pray forthe right decisions to be made as we carefully and prayerfullyconsider the best options for the FCA program and students’ lives.

For more information or any questions contact me at anytime.  Thanks for praying about getting into the game with us.

Barkley Wyckoff 561-373-1427

Palm Beach County FCA cleats